Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boxed In & Giveaway Winner

You may not be aware but Harvey loves boxes.

Also, Harvey dislikes clothing about as much as he loves boxes.

Seriously, Its amazing he still has all his toes and fingers. We keep our house a balmy 64 degrees in the winter, could enough for me to wear shoes indoors.
Harvey doesn't seem to mind the cold most of the time though. He just keeps stripping his carefully prepared outfits and runs around in his diaper... if we are lucky.

And now for the results of the Yoplait Delights Giveaway...
Congratulations to Wendy Miller! Wendy please leave your e-mail address on this post so I can get your info to have this sent to you.


Anonymous said...


Judy K said...

I seem to recall Captain not being bothered by cold either!

Washington Cowgirl said...

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a little nakey time. If fact if I wasn't living with in-laws I would be running around in naught but my undies.
I like your style Harvey.