Monday, February 7, 2011

Laundry Woes

Today I'd like to complain. Don't get me wrong, most days I enjoy a good complaint, I mean my life is currently filled with repetitive menial tasks. Today however, I feel particularly aggrieved about one thing.


Nobody warned me that by getting married my laundry duties would triple. That's right... not double... triple. Somehow Captain uses 2 times as much washable items as I do. After 5 1/2 years of marriage I am still not used to this.

Don't get me started about kids. How does someone that little go through so much?

Seriously. This is one week's worth of laundry at the Smith Family house hold.
Please note this does not include sheets or the 2 loads of diapers Harvey goes though weekly. Also, you will find that this has been non-traditionally sorted. Here let me help you see what i mean.

Here you can see the amount of laundry each person contributes weekly.

Notice if you will, that the towels are completely used by Harvey & Captain. I have a bathrobe that is washed when it needs it, but for this week, none of those were used by me. Captain goes through twice as much clothing a week as I do. And before you say, no Leslie, his clothes are just bigger, let me point out that tiny Harvey's pile is bigger than his dad's pile.

Also, Since introducing new people into my laundry duties I have discovered that most people feel laundry day should be a scavenger hunt. Just this morning I found a neatly rolled up pile of jammies, along with a random sock, on the play coaster.

I swear if Captain had to do the laundry every week, he'd be more apt to use the laundry basket.

What menial tasks have you been unappreciated about?


Anonymous said...

You should have my brother wash his own clothes for a week. Help him appreciate what you do. But then you might have two boys running around necked in stead of one.

Anonymous said...

Saturday Steve helped me with the laundry. He threw the handwash only load (a red dress and a black dress) in with the white load, as well as the light colors load, since they all fit. We did it at my parent's house, and when I got home I discovered that most of it was still damp and none of it had been folded. But I still love him.

Judy K said...

My rule of thumb: if you are old enough to have been baptized, you are old enough to do your own laundry. Baptism gift = laundry basket

Athena said...

If he cant help with the washer and dryer then buy a washboard and make him clean his clothes that way. maybe through that experience he will see that they are blessings to have and that its not that hard to clean up after yourself

Anonymous said...

AH! I know what you mean! My husband does the same thing! I cannot even imagine doing diapers on top of it all! You truly are a superwoman!