Saturday, March 5, 2011

Car Crayons

I recently won a set of mini spatulas from a blog called the Newlywed Chefs. Now this isn't something I would have ever picked out for myself, but let me tell you, they be well used here. It really is amazing how quickly my spatulas are used. Anyways, The Newlywed chefs is a cooking blog that I recently discovered. They have many yummy looking recipes and you should go check out their site if you have a minute.

On a completely unrelated note, but seeing as I don't want to wait to blog about it, I made Harvey some car crayons today.

Now Harvey LOVES to color, but he has this thing against crayon wrappers. And because he has such small stubby fingers, he tends to remove said wrappers with his teeth.

Which is fine because crayons are non- toxic and all. However, I am tired of picking up crayon wrappers and broken pieces off the floor.

So I started to look into making home-made crayons. I wanted to do them completely from scratch with beeswax, but wouldn't you know it, beeswax is expensive. So instead I took those broken up pieces and melted them in a hard candy car mold graciously loaned to me by a dear friend.

Harvey loves them, and now all I have to worry about is "tire tracks" on the walls.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! These are fantastic! And they'll probably fit in his bandoleer!

dougharvey8648 said...

Chloe is such a ham.