Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Harvey's vocabulary is growing exponentially right now. His pronouciation however, still leaves much to be desired. These are some of his new words, let's see if you can figure out what he is saying.
  1. Maymen
  2. Ganket
  3. Deet Do
  4. Waa-er
  5. Ress Oo
  6. Deese
  7. Shruck
  8. Cuh-er
Of course he says things like "Stop it," "no," "cookie," and "chip" just fine. You know, all the important words.

Although I will say this, as cute as his pronunciation is right now, some of his phrases crack Captain and I up daily. Recently when he needs he diaper changed he runs around saying "Where's the poo?"

Even though this post is about Harvey, Lia wanted her picture included. I kinda think she looks like a Vulcan baby here, but hey whatever works for her.

Harvey's pronunciation guide
1. Amen 2. Blanket 3. Thank You 4. Water 5. Bless You 6. Please 7. Truck 8. Color

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