Friday, June 17, 2011

Rooms Revealed

Okay, so you all know I fixed up a set of bunkbeds for Harvey a while back, but I never did get around to showing them to you. So here you go.

See? They are red and pretty and Harvey sleeps on the top. Eventually there will be a vinyl train on the wall above his bed. Also, they are never every made like this. I did that just for you guys. Usually the blankets are wadded up on that top bunk. Recently they are thrown on the floor because Harvey has been sleeping on the rug to show how much he misses his dad.
I figured I'd show you the rest of his room too since I'm showing off Cecilia's. This is his changing table. It also holds all of his toys books and puzzles. I bought that dragon painting at radcon. I love it.
This is Harvey's dresser. I purchased it at an antique mall. You've seen it before. It is sturdy and big and holds everything I need Harvey to stay out of. Or in other words, it holds the diaper cream. Okay I'll admit it, Harvey's room is kinda boring right now. The truth is the drywall needs to be replaced and I'm hesitant to decorate as much as I want until that happens. Lia's room on the other hand is adorable if I do say so myself.

You already know I made that sheet, I also sewed the dust ruffle. The fashion drawings were a project I did in college. A good friend suggested I hang them, and I'm very glad I took her advice.

I have my handy hook for the sling. Harvey plays with that blue elephant every chance he gets. Also, please notice the very unhappy baby.

There is the curtain I made up. I LOVE how it turned out. I will be making a coordinating shade for the window eventually, but seeing as Lia sleeps in my room currently, I am in no hurry. Captain made those shelves in the closet, and actually did all the drywall, trim and flooring in both rooms.
I hung some vintage dresses I've been storing since college. I'm really glad I didn't throw them out when i did my big purge this winter.
The dresser and vanity are from my mom. They were her grandmothers, I believe.

That is Chloe's special spot. I promise to wash the blanket before you stay with us. I can't promise to keep the cat out of your face while you are sleeping.

Harvey and Cecilia both love their rooms.


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Unknown said...

It's all very beautiful.

Juline said...

Very nice. Love the curtain in Lia's room. Will you show a close-up?

Anonymous said...

What fun! I especially love the bunk bed, the curtain, and the sheet. Well, and the kiddos. Great job!