Monday, March 12, 2012


Paint a picture for the house. I'm not quite finished. I caught a  sewing bug this weekend, followed by a baking, cooking, and gardening bug. Captain is home, and that tends to happen when i find myself with help to keep the kids occupied. Anyways, I want to do some shading on those little suckers, but other than that it is finished. YEAY! First goal has been accomplished.

So. Why did I paint an octopus? It was the first thing that stuck me that didn't seem overly complicated. My first idea was a painting of the kids and the puppy. I know, that never would have been finished. I would have loved to paint a person, but wasn't able to pick one that I liked and I reallllly didn't want to paint myself. So, that left animals, plants, and minerals. 

I've always liked fish, and I've wanted to paint an octopus on a shirt for about a year now. This seemed a natural leap for me, even if it was strange to everyone else. I used ordinary craft paint, and a 16 * 20 canvas purchased  on sale at Craft Warehouse about 5 years ago.  

I have started a few other goals as well. Today marks the 3rd week of jogging. I'm about 50/50 jog/run on a 2.5 mile course. I've started taking photos of food to post up here and make into real printable recipes. You'll notice a new tab up at the top for finding said delights easily once they are posted. I have 3 scriptures memorized and am working on the 4th. It is Exodus 33:11 if you want to memorize it too. Really easy, just 2 lines. We have also had 2 FHE nights. I KNOW!! 2 in one month. It's crazy. 

That should be everything so far. I have plans to make a little sidebar thing if anyone wants to follow along with some of the less personal tasks, like running, push ups and scripture memorization, but not like neck waxes because seriously I don't know any other female who needs that. We will see though. 

Also. I'm going to start compiling my dreams for the goal, but what I want to know is if you all want to read about them. They are pretty crazy. For example last night:

We had met in a parking lot to catch up. It had been a long time since Maili and I had seen each other. It was dark, her car was white. A man approached to speak with us. Maili was snatched, they tried to get me, but I made it to the car. I was trying to drive away, but something was wrong with the pedals and the snatchers were able to keep up on foot. The steering was messed up and I wound up running. I reached the school, and found a ransom message. They wanted 2 million. Really? Who did they think I was? There was no way I could pay that, so I set out to find her. I was trying to find someone to help asking everyone I saw. One lady thought I was crazy. She had me lay down on a cot and gave me some tranquilizer. It went into my thigh, like a bug attached to a string burrowing. Amazingly I had spend the last few years building up an immunity to anesthesia via bug. Instead of knocking me out, it merely numbed the pain from the attack. As soon as the nurse left the room I ran off, there were stairs involved. Many Many stairs. Finally, I reached the top where I lived. My roommate answered. She also though I was crazy. She had never heard of Maili and was convinced I was hallucinating. That is until the showed up to get me. I ran into the bedroom and she stalled them at the door. Frantically I braced my body against the frame to lift up off the floor. It almost worked. Then they had me. HELP HELP HELP!

My dreams tend to run along that line. Not that I wake up screaming from all of them, but there are lots of bad guys and fighting or chasing and schools. So if you want to hear them I will type them up otherwise I will keep them to myself. 

So! Wish me luck for next month.

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Anonymous said...

I love your octopus, and I'm so proud of you for working on your goals! I'll be excited for Steve to be done with finals tomorrow so I can use some of the sewing/cooking/crafting bug I've got, too.