Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday Snapshots

We had a regular day yesterday, full of regular activities. Yet somehow, we wound up with 50 photos to share. I edited it down a bit, but still, that is a lot of photos for a regular type of day.

We started with a bath. It was originally Harvey's bath, but then Lia wanted to get in on the fun.

Harvey really enjoys having his baby sister in the bath with him. Mostly they ignore each other, but sometimes they windup playing.

Particularly when one has something the other finds fascinating. That white thing is a plastic washer from the squirt bottle.

This squirt bottle to be precise, and yes, I did get wet.

Another thing that makes our lives exciting these days is the fact that Ginka is no longer afraid of Chloe.

This leads to a barking/ Hissing match several times a day. Neither one is willing to back down. Neither one is technically allowed up on the counters, but that really doesn't stop them. The both just hop back up when we aren't looking. It doesn't help that I find these encounters all sorts of amusing.

Eventually Chloe runs off to a Ginka free zone, i.e. the top of the fridge or the front room. Ginka finds this to be unfair. She thinks she should be able to go every where the cat does, particularly my lap.

Harvey has a new shirt. He LOVES it. It makes me happy to make him things he likes. He's worn it two days in a row now.

So that was our Friday. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


Judy K said...

You live in a very exciting house!

Erika said...

Did you make him that shirt? it's adorable! How exciting just a regular day is for you guys :)