Sunday, March 18, 2012

Naps, Walks, and Other Spring Activities

Cecilia is now just mobile enough to get where she doesn't want to be.
This is a daily occurrence now that it is really too warm to wrap her up every time she sleeps. I'm just grateful she still is taking 2 good naps a day. Harvey is trying to give up naps. I tried forcing him to take naps, but then he would stay up past 9 pm. I had just accepted my napless son when this happened.
We went for an afternoon walk. I was trying to get Cecilia to take a nice long nap.
Somehow she transferred her nap to Harvey. Did you know naps are transferable?
Cecila was much to interested in the dog leash to have anything to do with sleeping.
We've been enjoying the 80 degree weather here.
I have found it difficult to enforce the "you must wear clothing" rules.
Mostly because I think those chunky thighs are stinkin' adorable.
Does this reaction look familiar? She overcame her grass aversion quickly however, and began chowing down on some clovers. That's my little rabbit.
Ginka loves it when we play outside. It is her favorite place to be. Everything is a chew toy out there.


Judy K said...

Did the dump truck leave a dent on Harvey's cheek?

Doug Harvey said...

very adorable