Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain's Sling

Finished another summer project! This time it was a sling for Captain. These are super easy to make by the way. Follow this link for instructions on how to make one. I purchased my rings at Rural King, but you can buy them at any store that has horse equipment.

I really needed to make this sling, because our other one is cut for a short person. The tail only stuck out about 2 inches for Captain, and that isn't as safe for the baby.

Captain is pretty pleased with it, though truthfully he really would have been happy with anything. The giraffe embroidery is from the Stuffed Animal cd by Anita Goodesign. I wanted to put a clever saying with it, but was unable to think of one. The giraffe is cue enough on its own anyway.
The fabric I used was on clearance at JoAnn fabrics. It is a linen cotton blend that will stay nice and cool in the summer heat. I like it because the print is woven into the fabric so it is pretty no-matter which way you load it into the rings. Lia likes the sling because she gets to be carried around even when her mama is tired now.

Summer 2011 Projects

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Rocket ship backpack
Car backpack
Grey & yellow bag
Hobby horse
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Captain Sling
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Button Monogram
Cupcake tee
Octopus tee
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Diaper bag snack pouch
Wet bag
Refashion old white skirt
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Air mattress Bag
Crib sheet
Porta-crib sheet


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff!! I've been having trouble with my sling, I can't get the fabric to stop slipping. That and I can't get my little girl to be happy to be in a sling...

Jennifer Allen said...

I saw similar slings selling for $30 each at the farmer's market this morning - if you every need a side job . . .

Anonymous said...

If it is a Captain Sling shouldn't it be a little more manly?