Friday, July 1, 2011


My new stroller arrived today.

Can you tell I'm super excited?
Here we are after our inaugural walk. FYI Lia is still passed out in the back of the stroller as I am writing this.

hmmm... After typing "the stroller" so many times, I think we need to name this sucker. Any suggestions?

SO As exciting as the stroller is, it was NOT the most exciting package we received today.

Check out this gorgeous quilt sent to me from Juline Badaja. It is absolutely beautiful and we (Lia, Chloe, and I) are just in love with it. She made the whole thing, and it was her first baby quilt. Thank you Juline, I feel loved.


Juline said...

You're very, very welcome. I loved making it for you!

jennie baer said...

Very cool stroller... and even cooler quilt! I love the pattern and the colors.

I say the stroller should be called "Geoffrey" to honor the super cool giraffe print. ;D

Juline said...

I knew there had to be a "famous" giraffe out there somewhere. That gets my vote too.