Friday, July 15, 2011

Knee high by the 4th of July

Every time it rains here my plants grow 3 inches, so by the time these are posted I imagine everything will be at least half a foot taller.

My cherry tomatoes are taller than I am, and the romas are doing their best to catch up. We already have some that are turning red, so I expect to be making salsa very soon.

Only half my peppers are doing well, but the basil and onions are taking off like crazy. Does anyone know when onions are supposed to be picked? I figured i'd just pull one up and check soonish and if it wasn't ready put it back and wait some more.

the lettuce we grow here is very bitter because of how hot it gets here. Honestly though unless you are eating it straight up it is hard to tell. What i'm most excited about though is what's growing over the lettuce.

Yep! we have softball sized watermelons hopefully soon to be basketball sized ones. Harvey thinks it is amazing we are growing balls, and sometimes it is hard to keep him from playing with them. I'm excited to see if the trellis continues to support the melons as the get bigger.

So thats everything we have growing right now. Feel free to stop by and enjoy some.

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Unknown said...

the garden is beautiful
nice fence too!