Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Projects

So I have this problem. It involved buying fabric for future projects and then never ever sewing said project. This is the current fabric I am lusting over. Isn't is beautiful? I mean it is classic with the ticking pattern, but modern with the yellow color. I want to reupholster my dining room chairs with it. Unfortunately for me, I can't justify spending $100+ on fabric that I might never get around to using. SO, I've made myself a deal. When (if) I finish all the projects on my list that I already have fabric for, then I can start this spendy (for us) new project.

So with that in mind, I have started working on things I've been meaning to do for a while but was distracted by a baby.

But I mean, come on, as far as distractions go she is pretty stinkin' adorable.

Right so with my list in mind I set out to start when Harvey brought me this.

Somehow he ripped a 4 ft long section of his blanket. Actually, I think he only broke one thread and then the rest just unraveled.

So I set my projects aside and re-raveled it for him. I was tempted to just let the blankie fall apart so that we wouldn't have to deal with the stinky germ trap anymore. But Harvey loves it, so we love it too.

I did a mighty fine job too.
The only thing you can see is where I had to tie the ends together, and honestly I think there might have been there to start with giving the blanket a weaker spot to tear from.

So Anyways, I'm going to keep you guys all updated with the smaller projects I intend to finish. This is the list I must accomplish before moving onto the dining room chairs. Wish me luck!

Summer 2011 Projects

Lia Blessing Gown
Teepees for gulbrandsons
Rocket ship backpack
Car backpack
Grey & yellow bag
Hobby horse
Roman shade
Bucket hat
Captain Sling
Captain Quilt
Car blanket
Finish dresser
Button Monogram
Cupcake tee
Octopus tee
Ruffled diaper covers
Refashion Captain Purple Shirt
Refashion Captain Blue shirt
Diaper bag snack pouch
Wet bag
Refashion old white skirt
Refashion prom dress
Air mattress Bag
Crib sheet
Porta-crib sheet

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